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mShakespeare April Fools Super Spoof LIVE SHOW – 5 PM PDT

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mShakespeare SUPER SPOOF April Fools Special 2010

mShakespeare April Fools Super Spoof 2010 parodizes in a wild *totally* unofficial MultiParody some of the memorable pop culture icons in 2009, while analogizing them to characters from the Metaverse Shakespeare Company’s current open-ended run of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Act 2.

Scene 1: Edward is Jacob afore Illyria… with Antonio played by Bella Swan as “Bella Antonio” and Sebastian played by Edward Cullen as “Edward Sebastian” — who confuses Bella by admitting his name wasn’t Rodorigo or Edward, but is actually Jacob, and then leaves her to wander like a lost vampire in Illyria. In this New Moon prologue spin-off, Bella goes after him!
Scene 2: AVATAR @ Olivia’s… with Malvolio played by the Na’vi Neytiri and Viola, the envoy, played by Jake Sully… in SL 3D!!! zOMG!™
Scene 3: Southpark Shakespeare Setup… with Sir Toby Belch played by Stan Marsh as “Sir Toby Stan”; Feste played by Butters Stotch as “Feste Butters”; Maria played by Shelley Marsh as “Shelley Maria”; Malvolio played by Eric Cartman as “Cartman Malvolio”; and Sir Andrew Aguecheek played by Kenny McCormick as “Sir Kenny Andrew”
Scene 4: New Moon in Bella’s Court… with Orsino played by Bella as, who has somehow managed to become duke of Illyria in her ill-begotten pursuit of the merely extravagant Edward… or, perchance, Viola played by Edward as “Edola”
Scene 5: Southpark Shakespearean Idol… with cast as in Scene 3, but this time, our trout farts and swears and lapses from modern vernacular into Shakespearean when he steps into light of the haunted Shakespearean Idol platform…

Free show; seating is first come first to squat. 😉
Be there early! Thursday, April 1 @ 5 PM at the SL Globe Theatre

P.S. The Na’vi Neytiri, Human Jake Sully, and all Southpark avatars shown in the poster above will be given away for free at the event! Come for the show, go home with memorable freebies!

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April 1, 2010 at 11:21 pm

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